Opening Ceremony

35 Howard Street, New York

Men’s Store,
Stratospheric discs bathe customers in light as they enter the store, its long white walls glowing under the light of the accompanying diamond lighting grid. A maze of framed arches stretch the grid formation from ceiling to floor accommodating for the display of garments and accessories, their colour melting from a vibrant magenta to a deep blue, which bleeds across the floor delineating the main display space with glossy precision. Thin anodized metal racks provide additional space for garments to be hung against the long white walls, their colour hinting at the black wall at the far end of the store, behind which storage, service and staff areas are housed.
The cash desk, a sharp magenta prism with inbuilt glass display cabinets at its ends, provides a throwback to the peaks of the arches in which the clothes were hung.



Specific Generic is an office for architecture and design, founded 2010 by Andreas Bozarth Fornell. The office has a diverse portfolio and works within all different fields of architecture but the main focus so far is within the world of fashion retail.


Specific Generic
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